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Contrasting my grandmother’s experience immigrating to Canada through Ellis Island in the 1940s, with my inaugural encounter of the July 4th Holiday while living in America.
16mm film with digital audio, 2016.

Part of NY Diary.
Digital Video, Flip Mino and Canon 5d Mark iii, 2015.

A collaboration with Benji Harless. Made with a single 100-foot roll of 16mm film, uncut and edited in-camera.
16mm film with digital audio, 2015.

Sharing a meal with friends. Filmed over a series of monthly dinner parties held from October 2015 to March 2016.
16mm film with digital audio, 2016.

A film made in response to shared re-occurring dreams and nightmares. A collaboration with Mouna De Waele.
16mm film with a digital audio track comprised from Public Domain Sound Recordings, 2016.

The creation of this website was funded by an Ontario Arts Council grant.