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NY Diary
2015 – 2017

When I was much younger and growing up in my sleepy hometown I wanted to be an artist.

Everything I read and all the media that I consumed told me that if I wanted to be an artist and I was living on the Eastern Seaboard, if given the chance, I should  to move to New York City.

At 18 years old I moved to New York chasing a dream that I couldn’t describe, and I was tossed into a community of people doing the same.

This is a document of that time in my life, from age 20 to 23.

The photographs are presented in approximate chronological order. Just like memories, the images on this page are movable. I invite you to shuffle and reorder them as you please.

While readable on mobile devices, this work is ideally viewed from a laptop or desktop computer.

LES at dawn

The creation of this website was funded by an Ontario Arts Council grant.